a bullet of mass 10g travels horizontally with a speed of 100m/s and is absorbed by a block of mass 990g suspended by a string . calculate the vertical height through which block rises. g=10m/s2

Asked by sonali garg | 8th Sep, 2014, 06:27: PM

Expert Answer:

When the bullet strikes the block, the bullet comes to rest with respect to the block and this collision is inelestic.
Given :
The mass of the bullet,m1 =10g = 0.010 kg
Mass of the block. m2 =990g =0.990kg
Initial velocity of the bullet, u1 =100 m/s
Initial velocity of the block, u2  = 0
Let v be the velocity acquired by the block and bullet together after collision.
Then according to the principle of conservation of momentum:
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The vertical height through which the block rises when the bullet is absorbed by a block is 5 cm

Answered by Jyothi Nair | 9th Sep, 2014, 09:44: AM

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