A boy scored the following marks in various class tests during a term, each test being marked out of 20- 16,10,7,17,9,16,14,19,20,18,12 Find the mean ,median,and modal marks.verify if the following relation holds true- mean-mode= 3(mean-median).

Asked by anusarika mohanty | 1st Jan, 2014, 11:11: AM

Expert Answer:

The given data can be arranged in ascending order as:
Here, N = 11
Median = (N+1)/2 th term = 6th term = 16
Mode = 16 (since it occurs he maximum number of times)
Mean = sum of all observations/ number of observations = 158/11
Now, it can be clearly observed that the given relationship is not true in case of the given data.

Answered by  | 1st Jan, 2014, 05:50: PM

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