a boat floats in water with 2/5th of in=ts volume outside water. If the density of water is 1000 kgm the density of the boat of material is ?

Asked by  | 30th Nov, 2013, 12:21: PM

Expert Answer:

Let,  volume of boat = V

        density of boat = ρ

        mass of boat = M

        Density of water = ρw = 1000 kg/m3

Volume of the boat  immersed in water = V' = V – 2V/5 = 3V/5

mass M = density x volume = ρ.V

According to Archemedes Principle,

Buoyant force = volume displaced x density of fluid x g

                    = V' x ρw x g

Weight of the body is balanced by the buoyant force.

Weight of the displaced water = Buoyant force

 mg = V' x ρx g

(ρ.V)g = 3V/5 x ρw x g

ρ = 3/5 x ρw

   = 3/5 x 1000

   = 600 kg/m3

As the density of boat is less than that of water, boat is floating on water.

Answered by Komal Parmar | 30th Nov, 2013, 04:37: PM

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