(a.) A rectangle's length is 5cm less than twice its width. If the length is decreased by 5cm and width is increased by 2cm; the perimeter of the resulting rectangle will be 74cm. Find the length and the width of the original rectangle. 

Asked by susmmita | 26th Dec, 2017, 05:30: PM

Expert Answer:

begin mathsize 16px style Let space width space of space the space rectangle space be space straight y space cm.
Length space equals space 2 straight y minus 5
Perimeter space of space rectangle space equals space 2 space left parenthesis straight l plus straight b right parenthesis
According space to space the space question comma
2 open square brackets 2 straight y minus 5 minus 5 plus straight y plus 2 close square brackets equals 74
3 straight y minus 8 equals 37
3 straight y equals 45
straight y equals 15 space cm
Length space equals space 2 straight y minus 5 equals 2 cross times 15 minus 5 equals 25 space cm end style

Answered by Sneha shidid | 26th Dec, 2017, 05:37: PM