A 42 kg slab rests on a frictionless floor. A 9.7 kg block rests on top of the slab. The coeff of static & kinectic friction is 0.53 and 0.43 resp. The 9.7 kg block is acted upon by a horizontal force of 110 N. Find acc. of block and slab. Explain with steps

Asked by Tushar Jain | 14th Jun, 2011, 07:17: PM

Expert Answer:

Applied force=110 N
limiting force, =mg
where  m=mass of block=9.7kg
since F>,two bodies will move in the direction of applied force,but with different accelerations.
Force of dynamic friction, 
where =coeff. of kinetic friction=0.43
This causes motion of slab,  
for motion of block, 

Answered by  | 12th Jul, 2011, 11:44: AM

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