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Assuming your question as 
6x^2 -7x + 2
Also assuming that you are required to factor the algebraic expression.
Just try splitting middle terms.
-7x can be formed out by multiplying 6x^2 and 2 i.e. 12x^2. Such that you get two factors from this and sum up to get -7x. 
NOTE- We also consider the coefficients of the variables, most of the times for middle term but you can also consider the variables while finding those.
Any guesses?
Check for -4x and -3x.
Add them, we get -7x
Multiply them, we get 12x^2.
So, the expression becomes,
6x^2 - 3x - 4x +2
Take common factors from first two and later two terms, we get
3x(2x - 1) -2(2x - 1)
This becomes
(3x - 2)(2x - 1)
These are the factors.

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