5.22 * 10^-4 mole of a gzs containing H2, O2 & N2 exerted a pressure of 67.4 mm in a certain standard volume. The gas was passed over a hot platinum filament which combined H2 & O2 into H2O which was frozen out. When the gas was returnred to the same volume , the pressure was 14.3 mm. Extra oxyzen was added to increase pressure to 44.3. The combustion was repeated, after which the pressure read 32.9 mm. What was the mole fraction of H2, O2 & N2 in the gas sample?

Asked by pspratimasingh588 | 28th Jun, 2010, 06:44: AM

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Lanthanides are renamed as Lanthanoid as the suffix "-ide" generally indicates negative ions whereas the suffix "-oid" indicates similarity to one of the members of the containing family of elements. Lanthanoids are chemically similar to each other.

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