'Hydrogen occcupies a unique position in the Modern Periodic Table'. Justify the statement.

Asked by Omkar | 2nd Jan, 2018, 04:44: PM

Expert Answer:


Hydrogen belongs to the first group and the first period of the periodic table. Although the properties of hydrogen should be similar to those of the other members of the 1st group, this is not the case.

Some of the properties of hydrogen resemble the properties of Group IA elements (Alkali metals), and some of the properties resemble the properties of Halogens (VIIA). Thus, hydrogen was put at the top of the periodic table so that the symmetry of the modern periodic table is not disturbed.

Hydrogen has the electronic configuration 1.

  • Hydrogen loses 1 electron and behaves like electropositive alkali metals [Group 1 (IA)].
  • Hydrogen gains 1 electron and behaves like electronegative halogens [Group 17 (VIIA)].

Answered by Varsha | 3rd Jan, 2018, 12:23: PM