3 resistance each of 2 of which are equal are connected in series then the effective resistance is 30ohm when these resistance connected in parallel effective resistance is 3ohm find the individual resistance?

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Expert Answer:

Let the three resistances be R1, R 2 , and R3.

Let the effective Resistance in series be Rs, and in parallel be Rp.

Given:    Rs = 30 ohm and Rp =3 ohm.

We know that   Rs = R1 + R2 +R3  = 30 ……. Equation (1)

                            ……Equation (2)

If two of the three resistances are equal, then R1 =R2 =R (say).

From (1);

                 R+R+R3 =30

              R3 = 30 – 2R …… Equation (3)

From (2);



                    3(2R3+R)           = RR3

                                6R3 +3R           =RR3

Using (3);      6(30-2R) + 3R =R (30-2R)

                       180-12R+3R   =30R-2R2

                                   2R2 – 39R +180=0

Solving the quadratic equation,



Taking  one possible value, we get


R1=12 , R2 =12  and R3=6           since R3=30-2R


Taking the other possible value, we get


R1=7.5 , R2=7.5  and R3 = 15      since R3=30-2R

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