3)a person produced a sound with a siren near a cliff and heard echos after 5 second . find the distance of the siren from the cliff if the velocity of a sound wave produced is 330m/s?

Asked by bharathkumar | 27th Jan, 2014, 09:40: PM

Expert Answer:

Given that,
t = 5 sec
v = 330 m/s
Let d is the distance between cliff and siren.
Person heards echo when sound produced by siren gets reflected from the cliff and comes back to the person.
So the total distance travelled by the sound reaching to the person is 2d.
v = 2d/t
2d = vt
d = (330 x 5)/2
d = 825 m

Answered by  | 3rd Apr, 2014, 12:57: PM

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