(2x+7)/3<=(5x+1)/4 find the smallest value if x belongs to R and Z.

Asked by ayushavs3135 | 7th Apr, 2020, 11:23: AM

Expert Answer:

TO find the smallest value of x
fraction numerator 2 x plus 7 over denominator 3 end fraction less or equal than fraction numerator 5 x plus 1 over denominator 4 end fraction
rightwards double arrow 4 open parentheses 2 x plus 7 close parentheses less or equal than 3 open parentheses 5 x plus 1 close parentheses
rightwards double arrow 8 x plus 28 less or equal than 15 x plus 3
rightwards double arrow 25 less or equal than 7 x
rightwards double arrow x greater or equal than 25 over 7 equals 4.1
I n t e g e r space s e t space o f space x space i s space left curly bracket 5 comma space 6 comma space 7 comma space 8 comma space.... infinity right curly bracket
R e a l space n u b e r space s e t space i s space open parentheses 4.1 comma space infinity close parentheses

Answered by Renu Varma | 7th Apr, 2020, 04:11: PM

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