22)if A(1,2),B(4,3) and C(6,6) are tthe three vertices of a parallelogram ABCD , find the coordinates of the fourth vertex D.
23)find the value of y for which the distance between the points A(3,-1) and B(11,y) is 10 units .
24)if two vertices of an equilateral triangle are (3,0) and (6,0) .find the thirdvertex
25)find the area of a parallelogram ABCD if three of its vertices are A(2,4) ,B(2+root3,5) and C(2,6).
26)if R(x,y) is a point on the line segment joining the points P(a,b)andQ(b,a),then prove thatx+y=a+b
 27)find the distance between (cosA,sinA) and (sinA,-cosA).
28)if points (a,0),(0,b)(1,1) are collinear .show that 1/a+1/b=1.

Asked by snisarulhaq | 2nd Dec, 2017, 03:09: PM

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For 24th question same question is already been answered, please refer above link

Answered by Sneha shidid | 2nd Dec, 2017, 05:12: PM