1.Write a short note on MNREGA.
2.I want 10 pages information on unemployment.
3.I want 10 pages information on Food security.

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The unemployment scenario in India has always been quite acute.  A huge population and slow growth of job opportunities has been widespread in India. Large scale unemployment has led to several socio-economic problems like poverty, malnutrition, antisocial and criminal activities, etc

Unemployment is a very complex phenomenon. It is rather easy to notice but difficult to define. Broadly, unemployment may mean lack of employment. Thus, anybody who fails to work may be considered as being unoccupied and therefore unemployed for the concerned period. Ordinarily, the term unemployment denotes a condition of joblessness. In India, the growth in labour force is much higher than the growth of jobs. According to five year plan, the actual employment figures have mostly fallen short of the estimated figures. The Unorganised sector in India accounts for 90 percent of the employment.  In the rural areas, the unorganised sector consists of agricultural workers and contract and sub-contract labourers in the urban areas. More than 60 percent of the populations was under the self employment category. Casual workers, who get jobs only at times and remain unpaid when they don’t have work, constitute 30 percent of the work force, while only 10 percent are regular employees. Nearly two-fifth of this 10 percent is employed in the government sector. In rural areas, there is seasonal and disguised unemployment and educated unemployment prevails in urban areas. 

For further details about unemplyment refer revision notes.

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