1.What is the diffrence b/w pressure groups and interest groups and movement groups?
2.What is meant by Dynastic Succession ? Give examples ?
3.Is the infulence of pressure groups on politics termed as healthy?
4.In democracy people contest only to make money then why politicians commited to well being of the people?

Asked by tanishqa.rathod | 20th Oct, 2015, 08:49: PM

Expert Answer:

Pressure groups are formed by people with common interest and opinions to achieve a common objective. However, these groups exert pressure on the government or the decision-makers for the fulfilment of their interests.

Interest groups are formed by people who seek to promote the interests of a particular section or group of society. However, these groups are softer in their outlook and they may or may not influence the policies of the government.

Movement groups are formed by people who seek to achieve a single objective within a limited time frame. They are issue-specific groups.
Kindly ask the rest of queries as separate questions.

Answered by Akanksha Kaul | 21st Oct, 2015, 09:23: AM

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