1.What is "chaos theory"? 2. What is superstring theory? 3. What is Raman effect? 4. what do u mean by elastic and inelastic scattering of light?

Asked by A M | 24th Aug, 2010, 08:00: PM

Expert Answer:

The chaos theory describes the systems that  are apparently disordered, but chaos theory is really about finding the underlying order in apparently random data.
Supertring theory is the most viable candidate theory for unification and is theory of quantum gravity. It tells us that the stuff around us is made up of tiny vibrating strands of energy.
Raman effect is the change in the wavelength of light that occurs when a light beam is deflected by molecules.
Elastic scattering of light means the scattered wavelength is same as the incident one, while it's different for inelstic scattering.

Answered by  | 25th Aug, 2010, 12:09: PM

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