1.The resistance of galvanometer is G and its current capacity is I . to increase its current capcity by 'n' times, the required value of shunt is ______________
2. For open circuit of electric circuit is ______________ [compare V and epsilon in terms of V,Epsilon, I and r]
3. An electron completes 100 rotations in 20 seconds on circular path, then amount of electric charge passing through any point in circular path in 20 seconds is ________________C
4. A point P is 25m away from point 1microC and 100m away from point 4microC charge. The electric potentil at P is__________volt
5. For most stable position of magnetic dipole in uniform magnetic field the value of potential energy should be________ [mb, -mb or 0]

Asked by Dhriti | 24th Oct, 2014, 11:45: AM

Expert Answer:

The energy possessed by a magnetic dipole due to its particular position in the magnetic field is the potential energy of the magnetic dipole in the field.

The potential energy of the dipole is given by:

U = -m.B

Where, m is the magnetic dipole moment held at an angle of begin mathsize 12px style straight theta end style in the direction of a uniform magnetic field B.

When begin mathsize 12px style straight theta end style =0, U = -mBcos0° = -mB which is minimum.

When the magnetic dipole is aligned along the direction of the magnetic field, it is in stable equilibrium having minimum potential energy. Hence, it is the position of stable equilibrium.

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Answered by Yashvanti Jain | 8th Dec, 2017, 07:03: PM