1.the alkyl group for methane is ch3-, this is clear in the case of methanol which is ch3oh but in aldehyde group methanal is given as hcho and ethanal is given as ch3cho shouldn't methanal be ch3cho? 2.propanone has the formula ch3coch3 but the alkyl group for propanone according to me is c3h7- then why this formula?

Asked by Priya Rai | 22nd Oct, 2010, 08:51: PM

Expert Answer:

you have to recognise any family by its  functional group and aldehyde is always represented as R-CHO and 'CHO' is to show the presence of aldehyde group and if we take 'CHO' carbon in counting than there wont be any difference between aldehyde and alcohol group and that's why we never count carbon of 'CHO' while counting the number of carbon atoms in the chain and same case apply to the ketone as well.

Answered by  | 22nd Oct, 2010, 10:27: PM

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