1.starting from butane hydrocarbon wite the structure & iupac name of ketone? can you give me some rule regarding where to keep the ketone functional group and also how to name in such case?

Asked by Priya Rai | 8th Nov, 2010, 08:04: PM

Expert Answer:

Dear Student
To draw structure for a four membered ketone, we must remember that ketone functional group will always be somewhere in the chain and not at the end of the chain.
To draw any isomer the simple rule are as follows
1. Draw the structure which satisfies the given molecular formula.
2. Name the molecule according to IUPAC.
For nomenclature of ketones.
1. Locate the position of ketonic group.
2. Select the longest and continuous carbon chain which has the functional group incorporated.
3. Give numbering to the chain in such a manner that the functional group gets the priority.
For four membered ketone we will follow the rule and draw the possible isomers.
CH3 -CH2 -CO-CH3     2-Butanone.
This is the only possible isomer for the ketone of butane chain.
We hope that clarifies your query. Regards, Team Topperlearning

Answered by  | 9th Nov, 2010, 11:03: AM

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