1.Out of Newton's 3 Laws of motion which do u think is more important? 2. What are pseudo forces? 3. what does special theory of relativity tell us? 3. Is E = mc square a part of special theory of relativity? if yes, how?

Asked by A M | 16th Aug, 2010, 05:50: PM

Expert Answer:

1. All the three laws are equally important.
2. Pseudo forces are imagnary forces. For example, when a bus moves, and if there is any object on floor we see it moving backwards, but who's pushing it, the pushing force called pseudo force.
3. Special theory of relativity tells us that there is ultimate limit, the speed of light, and nothing can go faster. Or even reach the speed of light.
4. Yes, the derivation comes from the theory.

Answered by  | 16th Aug, 2010, 09:32: PM

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