1.one angle of a quadrilateral is of 120degree and the remaining three angles are are equal.find each of the three equal angles. 2.if angles A,B,C and D of the quadrilateral ABCD,taken in order,are in the ratio 3:4:6:7,the find all the angles of the quadrilateral.

Asked by  | 2nd Dec, 2012, 07:10: PM

Expert Answer:

1) if one angle is 120 the sum of other three angle=360-120=240
now all the three all equal therfor each one=240/3=80
2)let the angles be 3X,4X,6X,7X
now sum of the angles of quadrilateral=360
therfor 3X+4X+6X+7X=360
or, 20X=360
Therfor angles of quad are

Answered by  | 3rd Dec, 2012, 11:32: PM

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