1L of CO2 is passed through red hot coke. the volume becomes 1.4 L at same temperature & pressure. what is the composition of the products ?answer in litres. please elaborate.

Asked by OM mohapatra | 2nd Aug, 2014, 12:49: PM

Expert Answer:


The equation can be represented as,

CO2 + C → 2CO

Now let x be litre of CO2 which combines with coke to form 2x L of CO.

Volume of CO2 left =1-x

Total volume =1.4 L

1-x+ 2x =1.4


Volume of CO=2×0.4=0.8 L

Volume of CO2=1- 0.4 lt=0.6 L


Answered by Vaibhav Chavan | 5th Aug, 2014, 11:15: AM