1.How would you explain seed set in papaya in the absence of male plant in close

vicinity of a female plant?

2. If a certain plant when introduced into a new environment neither produces seeds nor it

responds to vegetative propagation. How can more plants be produced?

3. In what ways does the study of pollination enrich our understanding of Biology and

enable us to apply it for increasing crop productivity?

4. Pollination and seed formation are very crucial for fruit formation. How will you

explain this statement?

Asked by JASKAMAL KAUR | 27th May, 2015, 04:17: PM

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Answer to one of your questions in given below: 

Role of pollination in fruit formation:

  • It prevents the abscission or dropping of the ovary, which would otherwise take place along with the withering of other floral parts.
  • Pollen grains contain small amount of auxin, which together with limited amount of additional auxin from the carpellary tissues support the initial growth of the ovary.
  • Pollen tube formed from a pollen grain stimulates auxin synthesis inside the pistil. As the pollen tube grows, synthesis of auxin inside the gynoecium progresses.
  • As soon as the pollen tube performs fertilisation, it induces the fertilized ovules to produce various types of growth hormones not only for themselves but also for the entire ovary.

Role of seed development in fruit formation:

  • The developing seeds produce all the three types of growth promoting hormones in plants- auxins, gibberellins and cytokinins.
  • They not only help in the growth of the seeds, but also the growth of the entire fruit.
  • There have been instances in apples where deformity or depression occurs in the region where internal seed formation is either poor or absent.

Thus, we can say that pollination and seed formation are very crucial for fruit formation.

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Answered by Sheetal Kolte | 27th May, 2015, 05:49: PM

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