1.how will the side of cube=radius of sphere 2.the radii of internal and external surfaces of a metallic shell are 3cm and 5cm, it is melted and recast in to solid right circular cylinder of height 32/3.find the diameter of base of cylinder 3.how many spherical lead shots each 4.2 cm in diameter can be obtained from a rectangular solid of leadwith dimensions 66*42*21 cm 4.a solid cylinder of diameter 12 cm and h=15 cm is melted and recasted to 12 toys in the shape of a cone mounted on a hemisphere.find the radius of the hemisphere and total h of the toy if h of cone is 3 times its radius

Asked by swetha | 1st Jan, 2014, 02:06: PM

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Answered by Vimala Ramamurthy | 1st Jan, 2014, 05:42: PM

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