1.given figure ABCDis a trapizuim in which A=x+25, B=y, C=95, D=2x+5 find the value of x+y ABCD is a rombous. show that diagonal AC bisects angle A as well as angle C and diagonal BD bisects angle B as well as angle D 3. in a paralleogram ABCD the bisctor of angle A also bisets BC at angle P provethat AD=2AB 4.2 opposite angles of a paralleogram are (5x-20)and (70-4x)find the measurment of each of a paralleogram. 5.in a adjoining figure if ABCD is a quadrilateral in which AB is paralleogram to DC and AD=BC prove that angle c =angle D

Asked by  | 16th Nov, 2013, 03:13: PM

Expert Answer:

Please ask one question at a time. Your first question is incomple (figure is missing).
Following is the solution to your second question:
Let us join AC
BC = AB        (side of a rhombus are equal to each other) 
 1 = 2         (angles opposite to equal sides of a triangle are equal)

But 1 = 3         (alternate interior angles for parallel lines AB and CD) 
2 = 3 
So, AC bisects C. 
Also, 2 = 4    (alternate interior angles for || lines BC and DA) 
1 = 4 
So, AC bisects A 
Similarly, we can prove that BD bisects B and D as well.

Answered by  | 18th Nov, 2013, 11:57: AM

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