1.Find the magnitude of displacement between drug to Bhubaneswar by using the road map of India.

Asked by ABHILASHA | 22nd May, 2017, 05:57: PM

Expert Answer:

This is a very good question that can be done on own. Take a road map of India. Follow the steps below:
1) Find Durg (Chhattisgarh) on it → Find Bhubaneshwar (Odisha) on it
2) Draw a latitude line from Durg towards Bhubaneshwar
3) Draw a longitude line from Bhubaneshwar upwards. Both the line will meet at a point
5) Measure the distance between that point to Durg as well as Bhubaneshwar. (Mind the scale shown on the map)
6) Displacement will then be given by Pythagoras' rule
begin mathsize 12px style straight x squared equals lat squared plus long squared
therefore straight x equals square root of lat squared plus long squared end root end style

Answered by Romal Bhansali | 23rd May, 2017, 09:49: AM