1.distinguish between the following pairs:
   a. Acid lava and Basic lava 
   b. Crater and caldera 
   C. Active and extinct volcano
   d. Soil creep movement and soil flow
   e. Weathering and denudation
2.explain the following terms:
   a. Caldera b. Mud volcanoes c. Dykes d. Ring of fire e. Lava
3.describe the distribution of volcanoes
4. give reasons for the following:
   a. Hot springs are common in the volcanic areas.
   b. Earthquakes are closely associated with volcanic belts .
   c. Lava activity is profitable to man.
   d. Mostly earthquakes occur in the belt of young-fold mountains
   e. Volcanic activity and eartquakes occur in the same belt

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Expert Answer:

 A Caldera is a large depression in a volcano which is formed either by the collapse of a composite volcano after an explosive eruption. A crater is a steep walled depressoin located at the summit of a volcano. A crater can also be produced by a metorite impact.
Please ask rest of the queries as separate questions.

Answered by Social Science Expert | 7th Jun, 2015, 11:32: AM

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