1.Describe various situations which led tothe social division in society?
2. Do you agree that more than one identity can belong to more thanone social group. Explain with any three points.?

Asked by bhuvisen | 18th Jun, 2014, 12:11: AM

Expert Answer:

Social division takes place when some social difference overlaps with other differences. The difference between the Blacks and Whites tends to take the form of a social division in the US because the Blacks tend to be poor, homeless and discriminated against. In our country Dalits are largely found to be poor and landless. They often subjected to caste based discrimination and injustice. Situations of this kind produce social divisions, when one kind of social difference becomes more important than the other and people start feeling that they belong to different communities.

If social differences cross cut one another, it is difficult to pit one group of people against the other. It means that groups that share a common interest on one issue are likely to be on different sides on a different issue. In the cases of Northern Ireland and the Netherlands. Both are predominantly Christian but divided between Catholics and Protestants. In Northern Ireland, class and religion overlap with each other. If you are Catholic, you are also more likely to be poor, and you are likely to have suffered from discrimination in the past. In the Netherlands, class and religion tend to cut across each other. Catholics and Protestants are about equally likely to be poor or rich. The result is that Catholics and Protestants have had conflicts in Northern Ireland, while they do not do so in the Netherlands. Overlapping social differences create possibilities of deep social divisions and tensions.
In today's world, social divisions of one kind or another exist in most countries. It does not matter whether the country is small or big. Even those countries such as Germany and Sweden, that were once highly homogenous, are undergoing rapid change with influx of people from other parts of the world. Migrants bring with them their own culture and tend to form a different social community. Such social changes tend to bring with them the potential of social division within society. However, that does not mean migration should stop in order to prevent divisions from forming. Every modern liberal society has to go through such processes in order to become mature and liberal in true sense of the word.
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Answered by Soumil Shukla | 19th Jun, 2014, 12:41: PM

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