1.a plant cell when kept in a hypertonic salt solution for about 30 minutes turns flaccid.

2. if you uproot a plant from the soil, its leaves soon wilt.


Asked by raddibasawaraj | 30th Apr, 2014, 08:20: PM

Expert Answer:

1.A plant cell is placed in a hypertonic solution (e.g. a concentrated sugar solution), the water potential outside the cell is lower than inside the cell causing the plant cell to loose water and
become flaccid.
2.When we uproot the plant from the soil, the roots can't absorb water and the water in the plant cells moves outward because there is not enough water outside the cell's environment.Turgor pressure is lost. So it makes the leaves wilt.

Answered by  | 2nd May, 2014, 08:26: AM

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