1.A conducting loop carrying current in clockwise direction is placed in a uniform magnetic field pointing into the plane of paper.The loop has tendency to??? Please explain 2. We have an iron loop and we drop a magnet into it, what will happen to the acceleration of the magnet?? Please explain.

Asked by A M | 12th Aug, 2010, 08:06: PM

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Dear Student
1. The loop will have a tendency to rotate about its diameter with its right side rising up & left side going down. This is due to Fleming left hand rule. Apply this rule to realise that under the stated directions of current thru the loop & the magnetic field, the right side of teh loop will experince the force upwards & the left side of the loop will experience the force downwards. these two parallel forces will constitute couple & set the loop into rotation.
2.The accelaration of the magnet will be less than that under free fall, that is, g. The fall of magnet through an iron loop will result in changing magnetic flux, & hence induce current in the iron loop. The induced current , accroding to Lenz law will oppose teh source casuing the change in flux, that is, the falling magnet.
The acceleration with which the magent will fall will hence be less than g.
Hope that this resolves your doubts.
Best wishes

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