1.A 900 kg car is going at a speed of 20 m/sec along a level road.The constant retarding force required to stop it at a distance of 30 m ? 2.The line spectrum of two elements are not identical because : a) the elements do not have same no. of neutrons. b) they have different mass no. c) outermost electrons are at different energy levels. d)They have different electronic configuration. Tick the correct answer along with explanation. I am asking this because I cannot solve it.it is of class 11th syllabus. I have studied this chapter.but I am unable to solve this.Please explain both of these in detail.It will be very kind of you If you solve both of the questions instead of pretending that SORRY WE COULD NOT HANDLE MORE THAN TWO QUESTION IN ONE ASKING

Asked by Om Prakash Arya | 2nd Feb, 2014, 03:14: PM

Expert Answer:

1) We are given that
s = 30 m; u = 20 m/s; v = 0; m = 900 kg

2) Please ask other questions as separate query

Answered by  | 3rd Apr, 2014, 12:53: PM

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