14. From a solid cylinder of height 12 cm and base diameter 10 cm, a conical cavity with the same height and diameter is carved out. Find the volume of the remaining solid. 15. A building is in the form of a cylinder surmounted by a hemispherical dome as shown in the figure. The base diameter of the dome is equal to 2 3 of the total height of the building. Find the height of the building, if it contains 67 1 27 m3 of air. [2011 (T-II)] 16. A heap of rice is in the form of a cone of diameter 9 mand height 3.5 m. Find the volume of the rice. Howmuch canvas cloth is required to just cover the heap? 17. 500 persons are taking a dip into a cuboidal pond which is 80 m long and 50 m broad.What is the rise of water level in the pond, if the average displacement of the water by a person is 0.04 m3. 18. A rocket is in the form of a right circular cylinder closed at the lower end and surmounted by a cone with the same radius as that of the cylinder. The diameter and height of the cylinder are 6 cmand 12 cmrespectively. If the slant height of the conical portion is 5 cm, find the total surface area and volume of the rocket. (Take ? = 3.14)

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