10L of nitrogen gas and 10L of hydrogen gas are introduced into an evacuated flask of 10L capacity. It is then heated to 700 K and 2 atm pressure. What volume of ammonia (at NTP) is produced?

Asked by  | 25th Nov, 2012, 10:22: PM

Expert Answer:

N2        +            3H2        ------->       2NH3
Acording to Gay-Luccac's formula of mixing gases, 10 ltrs of nitrogen combines with 30 ltrs of hydrogen and forms 20 ltrs of ammonia. In the above question, we have only 10 ltrs hydrogen, so, only part of nitrogen will react.
Since, 3 volume of hydrogen produces 2 volumes of ammonia
Therefore, 10 ltr hydrogen produces  = 2/3   x 10 = 6.6 ltrs ammonia.

Answered by  | 26th Nov, 2012, 02:11: PM

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