10 g of mixture of NaCl and anhydrous sodium sulphate is dissolved in water.An excess of barium chloride solution is added and 6.99g of barium sulphate is ppt according to equation Na2SO4+BaCL2=BaSO4+2NaCL. CALCULATE the percentage of Na2SO4 IN THE ORIGINAL MIXTURE.

Asked by SUNITA | 22nd Jul, 2013, 12:38: PM

Expert Answer:

If there are 233 gm of Barium sulphate so Na2SO4 will be 142 gm. In the mixture 6.99 gm is Barium Sulphate So Na2SO4 will be 4.26 gms.
So % of Na2SO4 = (4.26 *100/ (10 + 4.26 )) = 29.87%

Answered by  | 1st Sep, 2013, 08:24: AM

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