1. Which of these is true about the movement of the sunflower plant?  
A. The flower shows movement. 
B. The sun is the stimulus. 
C. Movement of the sunflower plant is the response. 
C. All of the above. 

Asked by Trisha Gupta | 30th Sep, 2017, 12:42: PM

Expert Answer:

Generally, plants do not move in search of food and shelter. However, certain plants such as Mimosa and sunflower exhibit movements of plant parts in response to a stimulus. The sunflower plant shows movement in the direction of the Sun. Here, the sunlight is the stimulus and the movement of the sunflower plant is the response. So, as per the given question, the correct answer is option D (All of the above).

Answered by Sheetal Kolte | 30th Sep, 2017, 02:20: PM