1)      What will happen if we over exploit underground water in arid regions of india?

2)      Why are public facilities needed for the development of the country? Explain any 4 public facilities?

Asked by RITHIKJAISWAL RITHIK | 19th Jun, 2014, 06:29: PM

Expert Answer:

Underground water is an example of renewable resource. However due to increase in population and over exploitation of underground water, the water table is depleting. The arid regions of India due to scanty rainfall already have low water table. So if we over exploit underground water, then after few years, it may get exhausted due to which not only the developmental activities in arid region will be affected but also the human and animal life will be impacted.
Rainwater harvesting is one way of storing rainwater which can be used for various purposes during the time of dry season. Sustainable development is the other way by which we can save our resources by using them judiciously.

Answered by Social Science Expert | 23rd Jun, 2014, 08:37: AM

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