1. what were the events preceding the 1905  revolution of Russia?
2.the seeds of 2nd world war were sown in the treaty of Versailles?

Asked by angelstarshreya | 4th Oct, 2017, 12:30: PM

Expert Answer:

Russia in the 19th century was ruled by the Tsar who was an autocrat. Hence, liberals and democrats along with the peasants began to demand the framing of a constitution for the country.

1904 was a bad year for the Russian workers. While the prices of essential commodities increased, the wages of the workers declined. Workers demanded increase in pay and reduction in working hours. In 1905, the procession led by Father Gapon reached the Winter Palace. The workers were attacked by the police and the guards. This event came to be known as the Bloody Sunday. This event along with countrywide strikes and walkouts by workers, farmers and educated middle class preceded the Russian Revolution of 1905. 

Answered by Social Science Expert | 4th Oct, 2017, 08:55: PM

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