1)Show that for a body projected vertically up from the ground, the distance traveled by it in the last second of its upward motion is a constant independent of its initial velocity.

Asked by Shourya Mukherjee | 10th May, 2012, 10:00: PM

Expert Answer:

say s is the distance covered by the object in upward direction.
s=ut-1/2  gt2 =ut-5t2
distance covered in (t-1) sec=s'=u(t-1)-5(t-1)2    
expand the prev identities.
so dist covered in last sec=s-s'=u-10t+5  ... (1)
so  u=10t  put this in equ 1:
so dist in last sec=10t-10t+5=5=constant

Answered by  | 14th May, 2012, 04:40: PM

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