1 L of a gass is at a pressure of 10 to the power -6 mm of hg at 25 degree cesius.how many molecules are in the vessel?

Asked by ayushikas | 22nd May, 2011, 10:17: PM

Expert Answer:

PRESSURE=10-6mm of Hg
We know that 760mm of Hg=1 atm
 Therefore,10-6 mm of Hg=(10-6/760)atm=0.001316×10-6 atm
Therefore,if the gas is assumed to be an ideal gas,then PV=nRT
n=PV/RT=(0.001316×10-6)×1/(0.0821×298)=5.4×10-11 moles
now,1mol of gas has 6.023×1023 no. of molecules
therefore,5.4×10-11 mol has 32.5242×1012 molecules.

Answered by  | 6th Jun, 2011, 04:42: PM

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