1. if 1 is a zero of a polynomial p(x)=a x squared-3(a-1)x-1, then find the value of 'a'
2.if (x+a)is a factor of 2x squared+2ax+5x+10, find 'a'.
3.if alpha space a n d space beta space a r e space t h e space z e r o e s space o f space spacex squared+px+q then find the value of alpha over beta plus 2 asterisk times beta over alpha plus 2
4. find the value of k such that the quadratic polynomial 3x squared+2kx+x-k-5 has the sum of zeroes as half their product.
5.find all the zeroes of a polynomial 4x squared-20x cubed+23x squared+5x-6 if two of its zeroes are 2 and 3.
6. if one zero of a polynomial (a squared-9)x squared+13x+6a is reciprocal of the other , find the value of 'a'
7. if the product of the zeroes of a polynomial a x squaredminus 6 x minus 6 space i s space 4 comma space f i n d space t h e space v a l u e space o f space apostrophe a apostrophe

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