1)i was about to leave my higher studies and find a job.(rewrite as a simple sentence)

2)what i have been asked to do is to be anecdotal.(pick out the subordinate clause and give its relation)

3)noun forms of: (a)limited (b)speak (c)including (d)celebrate

4)the train had soldiers from the south.(rewrite as complex sentence)

5)each crowd had a language of its own.(rewrite as negative)

6)the weather beaten captain welcomed us aboard his ship.(change the voice)

7)we dropped by to admire the species from siberia.(rewrite as complex)

8)give the verb forms of:(a)offering (b)satisfaction

9)he reached in and fed the snake.(rewrite as simple sentence)

10)he would stroke old tom who seemed to like it.(pick out the dependent clause and give its relation)

11)name and explain the figure of speech:{My hands one busy,now are still}






Asked by kaustubhpatil4456 | 2nd Jan, 2018, 09:15: PM

Expert Answer:

1. I was leaving my higher studies to find a job. 
2. what i have been asked to do is to 
3. (a)limited : limitedness    (b)speak : speaking    (c)including : include    (d)celebrate : celebration
4. The train from the south had soldiers.
5. No crowd had the same language.
6. We were welcomed aboard the weather beaten captain's ship
7. We dropped by to admire the Siberia species.
8. (a)offering : offerb)satisfaction : satisfy
9. He reached in. He fed the snake
10. who seemed to like it
11. Synecdoche

Answered by Athira | 12th Jan, 2018, 06:28: PM

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