1)      How does the world bank classify different countries? Is it an adequate indicator?

2)      Identify different thrust areas of human development?

3)      Is it correct to say that environmental degradation is not just an national issue? Illustrate with example?

4)      How does industrial pollution degrade the environment?explain 3 measure to control environmental degradation?

5)      Compare the level of development in india taking atleast 3 states on the basis of various aspects?

Asked by RITHIKJAISWAL RITHIK | 19th Jun, 2014, 06:33: PM

Expert Answer:

Ans1: World Bank uses the per capita income of the country as the principal criterion for classifying the countries as rich or poor. Per capita income is the average income of the people of a country in a given year.
However, there are some limitations to it. These are:
  1. World Bank does not give equal importance to other factors like literacy rates and general health standards of the people which play an important role in defining the quality of life.
  2. The per capita income does not reflect information about the unequal distribution of income among the people.

Kindly ask rest of the questions as separate queries.

Answered by Akanksha Kaul | 20th Jun, 2014, 09:47: AM

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