1)How does resistivity differ from resistance? 2)On what factors do both of them depend? 3)Also why is that resistivity does not depend on area and length while its formula is RA/L?

Asked by akanksha | 27th Jun, 2013, 09:32: AM

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1. It is the measure of a material’s ability to oppose the flow of current.

1. It is a measure of the opposition that a circuit (or an electrical element) offers to the flow of electric current.

2. It depends on the property of the material. Its value is constant for a particular range of temperature.

2. Resistance of a conductor is directly proportional to its length and inversely proportional to its area of cross-section.

3. Unit of resistivity is Ohm meter, ? m.

3. Unit of resistance is Ohm, ?.


Answered by  | 27th Jun, 2013, 02:22: PM

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