1. how can water weather rocks?
2. why is loan better than clay for gowing plants?
3. what is humans and why is it so important?
4. what do plants do for the soil?
5.how are fossils formed?
6. how are rocks broken down into soil ?
7.what is a soil profile, and where would you find human and bed rock ?
8.what are fossils? how do they help us to learn about evolution?
9.what would you do if you had a deep cut?
10. how can you take care of your eyes?
11. why do you need proteins in your diet?
12. what may be the cause of some children growing fat?
13.what constituts a balanced diet?
14.define malnutrition ?
 15. what do you understand by first aid?

Asked by moumitad72 | 17th Nov, 2014, 06:52: PM

Expert Answer:

  • Due to constant flow of water, the parent rock is weathered thereby causing change in shape and size of the rock.
  • The parent rocks gets cracked, crumbled and crushed, producing a range of materials with different sizes, from large boulders to fine particles.  
  • For example - large boulders get broken down into smaller fragments as they carried along with the mountain streams and rivers.
  • Rocks at sea shores also get weathered due to waves.

Answered by Hemangi Binny | 18th Nov, 2014, 09:49: AM

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