1. Find the angle, which is 60 degrees more than its compliment.
2. Find the angle, which is 56 degrees less than its supplement.

Asked by contactaryaprasad | 21st Jun, 2015, 10:28: AM

Expert Answer:

1. Two angles are called complementary when their sum is 90o. Let the angle be A. Since it's 60o more than its complementary, another angle is A-60o.
Hence, A + A-60o=90o
2. Two angles are called supplementary when their sum is 180o. Let the angle be A. Since it's 56o less than its supplementary angle, another angle is A+56o.
Hence, A + A+56o=180o

Answered by satyajit samal | 21st Jun, 2015, 10:44: AM

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