1)      Do you think infant mortality rate has any relation with life expectancy?

2)      Name one quantitative measure to account health status of a person

3)      Give your opinion regarding the best political model which can carter development goals of different section of the society?

4)      Write down the limitation of average value?

5)      Suggest one measure to ensure sustainable development in energy sector?

6)      What will happen if we over exploit underground water in arid regions of india?

7)      Why are public facilities needed for the development of the country? Explain any 4 public facilities?

8)      Explain 3 attributes for comparing notions of development between different countries?

9)      How does the world bank classify different countries? Is it an adequate indicator?

10)   Identify different thrust areas of human development?

11)   Is it correct to say that environmental degradation is not just an national issue? Illustrate with example?

12)   How does industrial pollution degrade the environment?explain 3 measure to control environmental degradation?

13)   Compare the level of development in india taking atleast 3 states on the basis of various aspects?

14)   Why is substainable development essential for economic growth? Give suitable reason?

15)   What is the necessity of comparing different countries or state?give 1 example of a recent model of comparision?   

Asked by RITHIKJAISWAL RITHIK | 18th Jun, 2014, 02:19: PM

Expert Answer:

Ans 14:

Sustainable development is the prudent and judicious use of resources in such a way that even future generations are able to use it.

Sustainable development is essential for economic development as we have limited quantity of resources. Firstly, The development and growth of the country will be hampered if the present limited resources are totally exhausted.

Secondly, the exhaustion of natural resources will endanger the lives of humans and many species if we do not follow the principle of sustainable development. For example, if water is over utilised and wasted, then it will not be replenished by the rains. We need to keep the stock of the natural resources for future use too.
Kindly ask other questions as seperate queries.

Answered by Akanksha Kaul | 18th Jun, 2014, 05:52: PM

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