(1) Derive equation of trajectory for horizontal projectile. 1 (2) derive the expression for time of flight & horizontal range for given parabola. 2 (3) Derive the equation for regultant velocity at any instant & also give its direction.

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Expert Answer:

1) The path of the projectile is shown below
The horizontal component of velocity always remain same as there is no acceleration on the horizontal axis.
Thus, the horizontal distance travelled by the projectile is
x = u cos? × t
t = x/(u cos?)                                                   ...... (1)
The vertical distance travelled by projectile is given from kinematical equation s = ut + ½at2.
Here, s = y, a = ay = -g, u = uy = u sin?
Thus, we have
y = u sin? - ½gt2                                              ...... (2)
Substituting equation (1) in (2), we get
This is the equation of trajectory of the projectile.
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Answered by Romal Bhansali | 24th Oct, 2013, 09:24: AM

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