1. Cot2Acosec2B-cot2Bcosec2A=cot2A-cot2B
2. 1+cosA-sin2A/,sinA(1+cosA)

Asked by kujuranuvaw555 | 14th Jun, 2017, 09:35: AM

Expert Answer:

begin mathsize 16px style 1.
space Cot squared Acosec squared straight B minus cot squared Bcosec squared straight A equals cot squared straight A minus cot squared straight B
Take space LHS space and space for space the space first space term space try space to space convert space it space into space cot
using space trigonomeric space identity space cosec squared straight theta equals 1 plus cot squared straight theta
Same space do space it space for space the space second space term.
Putting space in space the space LHS space you space will space get space RHs.

fraction numerator 1 plus cosA minus sin squared straight A over denominator sinA left parenthesis 1 plus cosA right parenthesis end fraction
Use space trigonometric space identity space sin squared straight A equals 1 minus cos squared straight A
and space simplify space using space straight a squared minus straight b squared equals open parentheses straight a plus straight b close parentheses open parentheses straight a minus straight b close parentheses

We space appreciate space if space you space solve space and space post space it. end style

Answered by Sneha shidid | 14th Jun, 2017, 11:07: AM