1 C of charge is contained in = 6.25 x 10^-18 electrons . Explain how.

Asked by Rhea Babu | 12th Jul, 2013, 11:53: PM

Expert Answer:

we shall use the following relation for quantisation of electric charge

q = ne


q is the total charge, here it is 1 Coulomb

n is the number of electric charges (or electrons) carrying that total charge

and e is the electronic charge or 1.6 x 10-19 C

now, the number of charge carrying electrons will be

n = q / e


n = 1 / 1.6 x 10-19

thus, by solving further, we get

n = 6.25 x 1018 number of electrons which constitute 1 Coulomb of charge


Answered by  | 13th Jul, 2013, 11:01: AM

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