1)An electron and a proton are free to move in a given electric field. Will the acceleration experienced by them be equal or different? 2)what is the distance between two protons such that the electrical repulsive force between them is equal to the weight of either?

Asked by hikoka | 23rd May, 2011, 05:40: PM

Expert Answer:

The force experienced by proton and electron in a given electric field will be same but the acceleration experienced by them will be different.
Since     F = m a
     or   a = F / m
The acceleration felt by electron will be more as its mass is less.
for this situation
electrostatics force = gravitational force
(1/4 pi ?0)(q1 q2 / r2) = m g
1.6 x 1.6 x 9 x 10-19 x 10-19 x 109 / r2 = 1.67 x 10-27 x 9.8
r2 = 1.41
The distance between two protons, r = 1.19 m

Answered by  | 23rd May, 2011, 02:28: PM

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