YOUR toolkit to crack medical entrance tests!

April 06, 2009

Your Pre-Medical Entrance Test (PMT) is on  May 10, 2009. So, we got Anil Goswami, Director (course coordinator) of Brainware Education, a training institute for medical and engineering entrance exams based in New Delhi, to share his tips with Topper readers.



Last-minute Fundas!

Don't study relatively new topics at the last minute. Consolidate and supplement topics that you are already familiar with.


Start revising one month ahead of D-day. Try revising topics which you feel are easy. Then, move towards the tougher ones. Don't start studying relatively new topics during revision. Get your basic concepts, right. This helps you study better!


Important Subjects


All three subjects -- Physics, Chemistry, Biology -- are equally important. In PMT, though biology should be your strongest subject, chemistry helps you score.


When it comes to physics, this subject can 'make or break' your performance. This is because many students face problems when solving numericals. So, learn your formulae and then practice the calculations. This is the right way to manage your time, properly and intelligently.